Yossi Gestetner Speaks to Village Voice About Day Laborers

Village Voice August 8, 2016: Yossi Gestetner, who provides inter-community and public relations services, serves as kind of a community liaison to the South Williamsburg neighborhood. After meeting with representatives from the Worker’s Justice Project, he says he sees some promise in the jobs center idea.

“If you have a proposal that is mutually beneficial, my opinion is that people would be very receptive,” Gestetner says. “I think if people in Hasidic Williamsburg knew that someone who comes to work at their place has, for example, a card that identifies some kind of background check, they would be more comfortable to work with these people. And if either side has a complaint or concern to bring up, it’s always better if there can be someone in charge to facilitate it.”At the same time, Gestetner acknowledged that “nothing can force a worker to sign up to the job center and nothing can force a housewife to work with these specific people.” He added, “It’s not a contract between a company and a union. You have a lot of workers and you have thousands of families who each does certain things their own way.”


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