JOURNAL NEWS Editorial: Gestetner Comments ‘Hopeful Words for a Titanic Task’

The Rockland Journal News, AKA LoHud.Com wrote an Editorial about the rift between the many communities in Rockland County, specifically in the Town of Ramapo. Here Is a section of the Editorial:

While the competition over education and land resources feeds tension, cultural differences further divide. There is little intermingling in day-to-day activities. Shopping can even be a segregated activity. Recently, a group went to a local kosher supermarket to “shop” and send a message. “We’re basically saying to the Hasidic community that we are here and we’re not going anywhere, so it behooves both of us to coexist,” the Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV told The Journal News during the July “stop and shop” demonstration organized under the auspices of a group called “Wake Up Rockland.” The effort seemed to cause more confusion than build any bonds.

Efforts must continue. “I think if people on all sides recognize that some grievances (held by) each side have credibility … I think this will be a good start,” Yossi Gestetner, a commentator on the Jewish political news website JP Updates, told The Journal News…

Hopeful words, for a titanic task. Growing community tension cannot be pinned on one group; all must acknowledge the pressure cooker that is Ramapo. All must get serious about genuine efforts at cooperation and understanding.


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