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Gestetner Press Conference Regarding COVID-19 Rhetoric on Orthodox Jews

Yossi Gestetner Featured on the Cover of Ami Magazine

Ami Magazine, one of the leading weekly magazines in the Jewish community, featured Yossi Gestetner on the cover of its… Continue reading »

Gestetner Helps Save a Candidate from Being Fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen

Political operative Michael R. Caputo recounts in Politico how he saved a candidate from being scammed by Sacha Baron Cohen…. Continue reading »

Yossi Gestetner Calls for Justice and Sentencing Reform

The Journal News reports on the release of Sholom Rubashkin from prison as a result of the first commutation given… Continue reading »

Gestetner Speaks to AP About the First Hasidic Woman Elected to Office in the US

Via the AP:┬áHer election is “a step for the ultra-Orthodox community at large,” showing it’s open to women making progress… Continue reading »