Gestetner Helps Save a Candidate from Being Fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen

Political operative Michael R. Caputo recounts in Politico how he saved a candidate from being scammed by Sacha Baron Cohen. Caputo had his suspicions and, “In the end, I ran the pitch by Yossi Gestetner, one of the smartest public relations guys in New York City. (He had created a pivotal 2016 Trump Tower meeting for President Donald Trump with Jewish media leaders right before the New York State Republican primary.) He knew everybody and he certainly could help vet this invitation. Gestetner made a few calls, checked it out and reported back that he couldn’t tell us much either way. He was skeptical that there wasn’t information out there about Yerushalayim TV in Israel, either. That tore it; we took a pass. Later, Gestetner tipped me off that Yerushalayim TV was one of many fronts for Sacha Baron Cohen’s production company.”

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