About Yossi

Yossi Gestetner is a  PR/Ad services provider and a current events commentator.

In PR, Yossi serves business, charitable and political clients who want to enhance their PR and ad campaigns in existing markets, and Yossi specializes in expanding client reach from the broader market into the Jewish community and clients in the Jewish community who want to expand into the overall market.

Yossi‘s opinion pieces appeared in Yiddish and English publications; in print and online. Yossi has been featured in front page stories of multiple Jewish publications and appeared in reports by New York television stations including Fios 1, CBS2; ABC7, PIX11 and News12..

Yossi Co-Founded the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) whose mission is to counter the defamation and generalization of the Orthodox Jewish community. Yossi created The Economic Stress Index which is a formula that combines three major economic numbers into one economic stat to have a better understanding how the economy is really doing.

Contact Yossi: GestetnerList@Gmail.Com

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