About Yossi

Yossi Gestetner is a marketing strategist, a commentator on U.S. political/economic developments, co-founded OJPAC to fight bigotry against Orthodox Jews, and created the Economic Stress Index.

In marketing, Yossi’s clients are primarily those with an audience in the Jewish Community and clients within the Jewish community who seek to branch out into the overall market. Clients include products, companies, and retailers.

Yossi’s is a daily commentator on a Yiddish-language audio platform, a columnist for a weekly publication, and has has been featured in front page stories of multiple Jewish publications. 

The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) was co-founded by Yossi in 2013 to fight bigotry against Orthodox Jews, and to champion civil rights and civil liberties. Yossi appeared on New York television stations including Fios 1, CBS2, Fox5, ABC7, PIX11, News12 as well as on CNN to address antisemitism, bigotry, funding for public schools, education at private schools and prison reform. Studies, reports and comments by OJPAC have also been reported upon by regional and national news outlets.

Yossi created the Economic Stress Index which combines three major economic numbers into one economic stat to simplify for policy makers and business leaders the state of the U.S. economy.

Contact Yossi: GestetnerList@Gmail.Com

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