About Yossi

Yossi Gestetner is a news commentator and public relations service provider with a specialty in inter-community relations and crisis communication. Yossi‘s opinion pieces appeared in Yiddish and English publications; in print and online. His commentary on timely issues are sought after by a broad spectrum of news outlets. Yossi has been featured in front page stories of multiple Jewish publications and appeared on NY-TV stations including Fios 1, CBS2; FOX5; ABC7, and News12.

In 2011, Yossi launched GestetnerUpdates.com, a website focused mostly on politically-related news relevant to the greater Jewish community. In 2013, Gestetner Updates was re-branded to JP Updates.Com and ownership changed.

As part of his PR efforts, Yossi Co-Founded the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) whose mission is to counter the defamation and generalization of the Orthodox Jewish community.

In an effort to help his clients better understand the state of economic affairs and thus plan their marketing budget accordingly, Yossi created The Economic Stress Index which is a formula that combines three major economic numbers into one economic stat to have a better understanding how the economy is really doing.

Contact Yossi:

Twitter: @YossiGestetner
Facebook: http://t.co/FjEKaF5L

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